Words have the power to cast spells and enchant.

Let our words be kind and our voices ring free!

SongRise is a community song circle held in the oral tradition and designed to bring singing into our everyday lives. Typically, the songs are short, usually four lines or less, and we will sometimes layer songs for harmony and added richness. Check our Facebook for updates.

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Abre la Puerta By Glen Phillips

I Believe in Being Ready by Rising Appalachia

Sing Me a Song by Te Martin of Thrive Street Choir

I Came Here to Love You by Dusty Rose Miller

Blessed Motion by Anne Zylstra

More Waters Rising by Saro Lynch-Thomason

The Earth is our Mother arrangement by K. Guilmartin

This Fire by Laurence Cole

Let us See the Beauty by Laurence Cole

The Eel River Song by Meredith Buck

Be Whatcha Gonna Be by Sarah Nutting of MaMuse

Dunk Down By MaMuse